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Tanker's Tuesday: Nice to see these again!

From the designer and sculptor of the 15mm Topgun Grav Armor range of vehicles. Haven't been very active of late in selling or promoting them, but would like to change that, since I need a bit of inspiration in getting my own personal vehicles prepped, painted, and on the tabletop for gaming soon, too. I offer one of the most comprehensive ranges of 15mm / 1/100th scale Grav Armor vehicles in the industry, and will be happy to send you a copy of my catalog which has images of the various vehicles for your perusal, if you'd like that. You can just e-mail me at: Topgungrav AT yahoo (d0t) c o m for a free copy of that. I'm out of stock of everything right now, but will be placing an order soon to restock these, including parts I need for my personal collection, which I sold off to some to complete their orders a while back. Here are a few photos of some of our vehicles, including the one bright orange one - the SuperHeavy Grav Tank that inspired the entire range, for your enjoyment (which sadly is still not av

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Mecha Monday : Orko One's Hell Hound

From Owen B:Snow visited Michigan again. While going through my stuff the last couple weeks I found this old project. It's Orko_one's hell Hound in 10mm but it's my preferred size for Mecha (5-9cm tall). One of the weapons had an air bubble from the caster so I swapped it out with a barrel from Old Crow. Then a copy I sold the arm broke so after I swapped my good arm and he the damaged one I swapped out the twin barrel (again Old Crow). Another missing piece meant the missile shoulder went to someone else. So a near perfect fit was the rotatory cannon from Critical Mass tank (that I still haven't painted). The scheme was inspired by a near black jaguar where the color just was coming through. After getting the spots done it looked like a Mecha giraffe so I stripped it about 4 years ago. Twice. you can still see patterns in some of the pieces. So it's getting a new Cloud Grey base coat as I get into painting once again.

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Mecha Monday : Gepard Dropship

The Gepard is aalternative to the durable and deadly Leopard-class aerodyne dropship. Here reproduced in 1/285 (mech) scale and compatible with Battletech or any other 6mm science fiction wargame, this dropship requires minimal assembly and features an FDM printed body and separate turret printed in resin. This is version 2, which has been scaled up overall from 8.6″ first version, features taller doors (1.8″ tall, as opposed to the previous version’s 1.45″ doors), includes removable (magnetic) landing gear and separated wingtips and thrusters for better printing. An Atlas woould still bump it’s head on the way out the doors, but this is a scrappy merc’s dropship, not some luxurious Fortress!Gepard Dropship

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