#TBT Mordheim: City of the Damned Battle Report – The Ancient Fane

  The Road Wardens push deeper into the swamps, the Fimir fleeing ahead of them. An ancient Fane rises up from the waters, a blasphemous icon at its summit. Captain Anders orders its destruction as the chanting and lights once again appear off in the distance.

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Krakon Games - Multi Part Fomorians (Fimir)

Recently Krakon Games were kind enough to send me some sample of their new multi-part fomorians from their successful kickstarter.Krakon has made fomorians before, warriors, spellcasters and so on, but this particular set has me pretty excited. Why? Well, as you can see, the fomorians bear a startling resemblance to my favourite cyclopenans bog-dwllers, the fimir. There are very few large (ogre sized) fimir available unless you go hunting the original range, or pick up the Forge World offering. Even then though, there aren't too many variants. These fellas change that.Krakon had quite a few nice stretchgoals in this kickstarter. Shields, trident hands, new tails, new bodies, new heads, command hands, tathlum hands (a concrete ball on a chain for throwing) severed head hands, whips hands sickles and loads more.So what this has done is given fimir fans and players options. Command models for starters. Ranged units. Heavy infantry, nobles, spears and so on. I had a little play with the parts I got. Bear in mind

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Battle Report – Mordheim: City of the Damned – Fimir vs. Norse!

The Woad Warriors have heard tell of Treasure in the ruins of the City of the Damned. Will they find it and return to their Longship before the hunting Fimir find them once more?  

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