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Villagers Unboxing and First Impressions

My Villagers Kickstarter pledge arrived the other day, I must say I'm pretty impressed.Everything fits nicely in the box, although it seems half empty I realised the space is for those who got the wooden coins, so it's nice that it should all fit in the main box!   Contents:Coins - plenty of card coins to punch, nice and thick and they feel good quality. Good job there's that spare section of box to store them in.Rules - nicely illustrated but look more complicated than it turns out they are!Cards - The cards are nicely illustrated and I like that there are dividers to help organise them, clear icons as to what goes where, and hint cards with reminders of what can be done in each phase.Kickstarter expansions - a mysterious box!The KS box contains a wooden First Player token (to replace/supplement the card in the main deck) and cards, tokens, and dividers for four expansions. I'm leaving them boxed until I get the main game learnt, but it looks again like they fit in the main box with the other

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Cabin-Con V: The Clever Subtitles are All Gone

Another Cabin-Con has come and gone. This is the fifth year where I head up to northern Wisconsin with some friends, sit down in a tiny cabin and play as many boardgames as possible until Sunday morning. As a group we all look forward to this weekend, and with a full complement of five players we were set to have a great weekend of gaming. In the past we have brought A LOT of games, and we still did this year, but we tried to limit it a LITTLE. Each person only brought 4-5 games. This way we would hopefully play a few games multiple times. Less time spent teaching, more time spent playing! And it kind of worked! Important note: I thought I took lots of pictures of everything we played. This was not the case. I took a few pictures and none of them are all that great. I have something to strive for next year I guess. Friday We arrived at the cabin late in the afternoon of Friday. It’s in northern Wisconsin, so it was cold. We unpacked, grabbed some drinks, and started picking games to shiver through as t

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