Fistful of Lead

Galactic Heroes Goodies

I had a nice surprise this afternoon when I got home from work in the shape of a parcel from the USA containing all of the Kickstarter Galactic Heroes goodies. These consist of the rulebook, a cheat sheet and two supplements, one of background and the other for vehicles, a couple of packs of tokens and a badge, some neat resin objective markers, a cool resin hover car, a blast template and, best of all, a pack of custom cards for use with the game. These are my favourite bit of the bundle and really look very professional. Nice work Jaye! I have no idea when I'll get round to playing a game, however, as I don't have any figures (yet) that are suitable for space opera style scenarios, which is where these rules really fit in. I may have to take a short cut and paint up a handful of 15mm Laserburn figures in the interim, so I can try out the rules. A big thanks to Jaye Wiley for making this happen and for delivering such a brilliant bundle of stuff.

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Modular Terrain Board Experiment

I bought a load of 30cm x 30cm mdf placards in the Poundland 25p sale back in January with some modular terrain boards in mind. I did an experimental one yesterday by gluing two boards back to back, filling the holes then texturing with sand. I sealed the sand with PVA then undercoated the boards with some old emulsion paint (One Coat Matt Cashmere) I bought cheap in a Homebase sale, so that the mdf was sealed properly.I then did a bit of over spraying with Halfords Matt Khaki and a little bit of dry brushing with various tester pots. I'm not entirely happy with the end result but it's getting there. I think it needs some more dry brushing or possibly a wash of some sort to bring out the texturing but I'm not sure how to go about this just yet. It does match most of my existing desert terrain pieces, however, which is the idea.I will do some more of the desert boards when I've got hold of more spray paints, so that I can set up a basic 3' x 3' scenario area for Fistful of Lead and also Strontium Dog. If I can

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