flying lead

V the Mini Series - Visitor Sky Fighter.

Whilst I wait expectantly for Crooked Dice to produce a Visitor Sky Fighter. ( More in hope and I guess depending on how well the Alien packs have sold.) The Reptiles need some air power to help them keep the humans in check.The Sky Fighter was a very slick looking craft and very iconic in the mini-series, the fighter and the larger transport were very often seen parked up at road blocks or dropping down to allow the Shock Troopers to spill out. So my Shock Troopers needed one or at best a proxy for the games in Zikanga.I picked up the following craft from the guys at Deamonscape who do a cracking range of 25/28mm resin vehicles, I have a couple of them for the Starship Troopers collection and this VTOL offering seemed perfect. With no guns and clean lines it felt very much of the Visitor style.I thought about giving it a more lived in look but opted for the fresh out of the showroom feel. I did think about hand painting the symbol but in the end pinched one from the web as it stands out on the white bac

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V the Mini Series - Clean and Sweep #1

Having had a couple infantry based games with the Visitors, I thought it time for the them to crank it up and go on the offensive.The militia player had to prepare for all round defence of the village from the Visitors and their cleansing and food hunt.Visitor Briefing.Location: ZikingaSituation: Your platoon has been tasked with clearing out a village. Expect a prepared defence.Initial Deployment: Enter on any road, you may enter on foot or mounted.Victory Conditions: Clear the village of militia.Zikanga Militia Briefing.Location: Zikinga.Situation: A Visitor assault on your village is expected, you are prepared to repel this assault on your home.Initial Deployment: Set up anywhere on the board.Victory Conditions: Keep control of the village at the end of the game.So there you have it a game of 750 points using Flying Lead. The game starts well for the human militia as the first Visitor APC is stopped in it's tracks by a well placed RPG round. The Visitor squad and Diana dive out of the pack of the AP

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