Folk Horror

Water Mill WIP

OK, so the base to join in with the other river tiles is done. Went through several stages/designs but the main consideration was to avoid making the building look like it cut into the inevitable slope of the river - the slope is a result of placeable river sections and not a incline as far as models are concerned. That resulted in a larger base than originally envisioned, but hey...I’ve added some texture to the wheel, the plain mdf is serviceable but I’m anal about that kind of thing. This is actually the inner side rather than a before shot as I’m not that organised. Ignore the hole in the middle, that was to allow a plastic tube in for the axel, which is an absent detail from the kit. Also, I was an idiot and built the wheel before thinking about any of this and my efforts then resulted in a broken spoke (hence the white plastic reinforcement).And the visible side with liquid green stuff added and then scored to give some texture. I made a little irregularly toothed tool to do this and made sure to pick o

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diving back in...

So, I’ve been slowly getting a groove on, greenstuffed a load of zombies into the 17th century. I had them kind of half done from a few years back, but finished them off and slapped some paint on them. Not my best, but a) not bad for two plus years absence and 2) I hate doing rank and file and wanted to get them out of the way. Now, my laptop is dead so no fancy pics at the moment as I’m using my phone and no light tent, so a quick “painted something honest” shot below. Basing still to be sorted and will see to doing a photo session later...Next up then is back to building... saw these online ( and figured a change to the 4ground buildings would be good. The mill is interesting as with my fetish for interiors I’m looking forward to doing some workings in there. What is interesting is that the timbers are cut separately and stand proud... normally I’d do that myself with balsa, but may have to see if I can get a rough timber texture on them. The barn is simple enough, an extension floor is ava

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