Box Breaking 262: Misfits Market Madness Vegetable box 1

This is our very first Misfits Markets Vegetable Box. This is the Madness size (the big box). Inside you can find everything from the staples of cooking to the things you may never have eaten before. They are all #organic Here is what I have done with this box so far. We have used the lettuce in salads. The onions and celery were used in a variety dishes. I roasted the beets (used the greens in a salad), potatoes and the squash. The apples were just eaten and the parsley was used in about five dishes the best one being a herb crusted pork tenderloin. If you want me to get more detailed just post a comment on the YouTube video. Copyright secured by Digiprove © 2019

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Wok Star (3rd Edition) Review

In our Wok Star review, we look at a real-time game set in a Chinese restaurant in which you have four days to make enough money to pay off a bank loan. The post Wok Star (3rd Edition) Review appeared first on Co-op Board Games.

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Enjoying parental leave

I'm currently taking a parental leave of around 2 months (if you count in the two weeks "pre-arrival" vacation, it's even longer) and that gives me a lot of time to spend with my new-born daughter. It is quite overwhelming, satisfying and exhausting, everything at the same time. She sleeps a lot and I spend […]

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