Force on Force

Modernish Barricades

The post apocalypse is never far from my mind, at least in a gaming sense. Despite Bethesda recently ruining my gaming experience, I do not feel that the world is about to end. I think my interest goes back to reading The Postman by David Brin after reading a review in White Dwarf of all places. A quick reading and rereading of Day of the Triffids and I am kind of a fan of the genre. Zombies and nuclear war seem to be my preferred way to end the world. The Walking Dead and Fallout out gave been my most recent influences in tabletop gaming but I have a lot of love for ideas from the old RPG Aftermath and almost anything done George Romero and a number of other books and computer games.Finding players has been hard in the past so I haven't pushed it. In there here and now things are not so bad on that score.  So I am looking at this as a possibility again so I figured it might be time to do something about it. I don't have many figures left to paint and those that I do have I can't find. What I can find is

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El Pueblo de los Condenados

The following is a true story, or not....The village had been in existence for centuries, but it wasn't until the hated Spanish came and enforced their brand of enlightenment that the village took a turn for the worse.  Situated along a stream that flowed into the Frio River, the village had experienced droughts, famine, raids by local Indian tribes, debasement of the women, and forced conscription of the young men into first the Spanish and later the Mexican armies.  It is not a place that offers the prospect of a bright future, until 1835.After the defeats at the Alamo and Goliad, the New Orleans Greys were not much of a fighting force, except for a small band of survivors that time has forgotten.  A little known account, written by the alcalde of the village, surfaced recently, providing evidence that some Greys escaped the Alamo and headed west and then southeast to join Fannin's forces.  Along the way they heard about the Goliad Massacre, in which additional surviving New Orleans Grey

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