Cardboard Warriors Patreon

I've started a Patreon make a few things more self-sustaining, there is absolutely no obligation to join. :)Cardboard Warriors Patreon Hello you can call me Squirmydad and I am the current steward of the Cardboard Warriors kingdom. Many artists start Patreons to raise funds to support their work and to directly engage with their fans, this is not one of those Patreons. This is a Patreon that I am starting so that I can continue to support the work of paper miniature and paper model artists. I run a forum called Cardboard Warriors;Cardboard Warriors Forumand a website;OneMonk.comThe website is chock full of all sorts of free downloads and tutorials and has been added to on a monthly basis since 2008. Most of what is on the site comes from the Forum and all of the great artists who share their work there. Every month there is a different theme that artists can submit their works to called the Forum Hoards, you may have seen them on Instagram. :) Additionally there is an annual competition called the Paperc

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"Greatest" Battle Report of 2018 voting

So over on the Oldhammer forum they are having a Greatest Battle Report of 2018 contest.If I had paid attention I might have put up one of my reports for consideration, but I don't do forums very much anymore.Anyway, here's a link to the nominees you can go straight to the voting site. voted for The Siege of Graveskul, of course. There are other fine reports on there as well.I will say that I think the report needs to be the total package. Good visual representation is at least as important as a good story, otherwise we could all just write fiction and save all the time and effort we spend on collecting and painting.

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