Freebooter's Fate

Painting tricks for optical effects

In the last article I talked about how my painterly aspirations first developed in such a way that I wanted to reach a pro level. However, this was rather the beginning of my journey as a hobbyist and my preference has shifted a lot in the meantime. One thought was pivotal at that point: How […]

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Filling up the wargame library with Freebooter

Around the Spiel toy fair Freebooter Miniatures released the second edition of their pirate skirmish, Freebooters Fate. If you have visited Freebooter at shows in the past, you know it is always worth a visit. The crew is dressed like sailors and pirates, they have treats (chocolate gold coins, gummy bears and such) and often […]

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Welcoming the Debonn into Freebooters Fate

I confess, it has been a while since I last trod the shores of Longfall. The Brotherhood yearn for more foes, and the Debonn seem like an interesting opponent to face off against. The Debonn and the latest book Tales of Longfall 4 come with a host of new releases. Starting off with the book this includes the background for Debonn told in the manner of short tales. These are really well written but that’s the set standard, not the exception. In each tale of Longfall book new rules and charactors are introduced. In this one we have a new mechanic which allows groups of allied characters to activate at once. Rank and File, grants every crew member being activated with +2 move. You move a single character and then the rest of the crew members one by one so they end in a valid formation. However, the crew members do not have to finish in the same order that they started. Rank and File isn’t the only new addition as cavalry has found its way to the shores of Longfall! This comes with rules for both ri

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