Front Rank Figurines

Yet more Spanish - Trent Miniatures Black Militia

With the varnish just about dry the Spanish Black Militia make it to the table top for the battle between the Spanish regulars and the rebellious slaves of Princess Amethyste.The full battle report should be up this weekend.Some great castings from the guys at Trent, at the moment only enough to make up an Irregular skirmish unit, but eventually I will paint up the remaining 14 to give me a couple of militia stands.Let's hope the curse of freshly painted figures can be broken... :-)Next up.... something a little more modern.

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The Spanish Army in Haiti - 1790 - 1802

With a change of job just around the corner, I seem to have a little more time on my hands in the evenings, which is good as the Spanish won't paint themselves, with a self imposed deadline of Thursday evening I wanted to ensure these were off the paint table.Within the campaign setting they will be regulars in sections of 8. I have a couple of Big men to bolster the ranks with a couple of mounted figures to come later. As usual the Infantry are from Trent Miniatures, with Officers and drum from Front Ranks Spanish Range, they are a good match once painted and based.The Spaniards whilst a major player in the region seem to be somewhat overlooked in terms of history and documented accounts, I suspect because they seem to be on the losing side in a number of the encounters. There may be some Spanish text but I have not been able to track down much.Here's my take on events pulled from a couple of different sources for those interested.Once the French Revolution reached Haiti shores it's impact was bound to sprea

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There Be Gunnes!

As is always the case, despite having far too many figures I managed to pick a list for Roll Call last weekend which meant I needed to buy and paint up some more figures.This time it was a 25mm artillery piece for my WOTR Lancastrian army, which with all my 25mm artillery being decidedly TYW was just too much of a stretch to morph across from stuff I already had.A quick peruse of the various manufacturers threw up Front Rank Figurines, who I haven't actually bought anything from before (that I can remember...). They have a very nice set of 100YW and WOTR ranges, and a special-buy pack of gunners and crew with both a heavy and lighter gun included.This ended up being what I bought, and I'm pleased to say both that it arrived quickly and the figures looked as good in the metal as they did in the professionally painted photos from their website.This chap in the foreground has ended up with more of a casting line that I'd have ideally liked. It would have been easy enough to scrape off with the edge of a craft kn

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