Frost Giant Jarl

A Halfling Shredding in the Steading (D&D)

Oddly enough we didn’t encounter any actual giants in the first session, so this illustration, although period authentic, is a little overly dramatic. Apparently you can teach this old dog some new tricks. My son Gar and I went to Joe Procopio’s house for a convening of what is the “off-week” game (usually roleplaying) and played in the adventure THE GLACIAL RIFT OF THE FROST GIANT JARL. This is a D&D adventure of some legendary fame in game lore, dating back in original form to the 1980s, and the second in the series called AGAINST THE GIANTS (the G series). I had not played in real, face to face D&D in at least two decades. I never got actually tired of it or disliked it, it just went to a ‘second tier fascination’ with my kids coming on the scene, and career obligations and real world stuff. It’s just hard to get together once a week. It’s still hard to do that, but I am managing to get in roughly monthly game sessions these days now that my kids are

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