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Sisters or battle, US engineers and others...

Hello again,Stuff below has been prepared a little while back but since there was Bolt Action "tourney" recently, anything else would be simply dominated and crushed under pictures I've taken during the games.Which reminds me: here's what I brought: 1110 well fed and equipped points. Don't think anyone's interested in the list's details so family picture should be enough:So for starters:I am proud to announce that the job to collect Warhammer 40.000 2nd edition army books is finally done! Last August friend of mine delivered Sisters of Battle book so now they are all standing proudly in my micro library.I must admit I've never played 2nd edition. In fact - after having few games (later edition) realised 40k ain't my thing at all: I definitely prefer skirmish games than large scale battles (paining dozen or so models size gang should prevent me from becoming bored too fast).I gathered these books mostly for graphics and fluff.Well... Graphics actually...It's just great source of Mark Gibbons' stuff, who's

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