Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones season 8

The final season!  The grand finale!  Episodes of more then an hour with a huge budget!  The stars where lining up for the greatest moment in television history, and the hype build in the two year hiatus of the series.But did it deliver?  Because ever since the writers couldn't fall back on the sourcematerial from season 6 onwards, the quality has been dwindling down.The short answer?  No, it didn't.   For me, season 8 was overhyped and underperforming, and after the weak seventh season really does shame to what was a fantastic series up to and including season 5.And boy are my grievances long.  Take for a start the Battle of Winterfell.  It had been announced as the biggest battle in the history of TV AND cinematic fantasy battles.  Even putting aside it was horribly filmed (rain and nighttime is do-able, remember Helm's Deep), in which the best excuse they could offer was their visuals guy saying 'learn to tune your tv'... seriously, pompous prick?  The

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