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X-Wing 2nd Edition – Arrived It Has

It’s finally here. In what seemed like an eternity of waiting, X-Wing second edition the next instalment of Fantasy Flight Games’s flagship game has hit the shelves and tables around the globe. When X-Wing second edition was announced at FFG Worlds earlier in the year the Hype Train shot out of the station and I was sitting in First Class. X-Wing was the first tabletop game I went all in with. I loved Star Wars and I loved the simplicity of the game alongside the fact that you did not have to paint the models. This, in-particular, was also a huge draw for me. I got heavily involved in the game via tournaments, blogs, I joined a team and regularly took part in the Athena Games Stream Team. I’d never considered myself a top-tier player. I was closer to a mid-carder who had potential on the right day and the right list to nick a tournament win here or there. I’d attained the capability to beat anyone scalping store champs, regionals champs and national champs alike. However, I just did n

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