Garryth Blade of Retribution

Game 10: Borka Vengeance of the Rimeshaws vs. Garryth Blade of Retribution

Played Round 4 at ATC against...Retribution. Three games in a row against Retribution. Apparently our team captain thought I could handle all the gunfire. At least this game didn't have any Dawnguard Tridents. I was quite tired of those by this point.He presents me with a problem: Nayl in my face that ruins a central aspect of Hordes which is the casting of animi if Nayl blows up too close to my warbeasts (or even warlock).Nayl gets handled though, like he always does. Slams or throws. Anything that makes him die closer to the enemy. It buys Borka2 a turn to not worry about Garryth casting spells.  Rok goes in deep and Borka2 feats.It's a lot of work trying to get within 5" to shoot stuff without triggering counter-charge, and all the Stumbling Drunks mean that Rok actually gets pushed back my way. Garryth bails and jumps back behind the wall...and like a fool I give chase. I don't realize that the solo gives Garryth DEF 19 and whiff the second attack that would have had a good chance of killing the

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