28mm Gaulois Aulerci Diablintes addition

More naked Victrix Celts off the painting desk this weekend, another Aulerci Diablintes heavy foot unit ready to fight off the roman invader!I managed to assemble the whole remaining 180 Victrix miniatures over the last three weeks, predominantly undercoated they are now awaiting paint over the remainder of Autumn and winter?I am not looking forward to painting the clothed figures in plaid, but have settled on some contrast patterns, that I have made recipes for over the last three days. I have also mass based the shields and started cuting out the LBM transfers.CheersMatt

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Gaulois Noble Cavalry 28mm Victrix

Off the table this week more additions to the Aulerci Diablintes, this time Noble heavy cavalry, I have four more bases to complete to finish the cavalry. The Victrix cavalry are quite nice with lots of movement, my only complaint are the ears of the horse which are facing sideways, not forward or back. I used LBM transfers for the shields which are a little difficult but worth the effort. The checked fabric worked out quite well, a lot more to go, based for Impetus, I do need to add some tufts when they arrive.The desk is very busy at the moment with multiple periods underway to meet the demand of upcoming Wargame events at L'Hotel de Hercé in the next few weeks.Enjoy the picsCheersMatt

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