Gen Con 2018

Flip Through: Pathfinder Playtest (2nd ed)

In this Flip Through Matt takes a look at the Pathfinder Playtest core book.  He makes note of may of the changes and new design.  Much of the book is about Character Creation. Click here to view the video on YouTube. This is my first thoughts on the Pathfinder Playtest book. I hope to be able to go more in depth next week (August 30 2018)

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Gen Con 2018 Video Bllitz 44: Rob McCreary Starfinder from Paizo

I had the opportunity to meat with Rob McCReary The change of fantasy weapons to tech weapons,  vehicles, the Beginner Box, and Reworking of the adventure path series. Click here to view the video on YouTube. There are way too many good things on the horizon for Starfinder!   All of your Starfinder can be found here.

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