General Hondo

Monsterpocalypse Preview: General hondo

Apparently General Hondo is supposed to be a ranged monster, and when he gets down to his hyper form he...shoots more? I'm hoping the army interacts well enough that that works. Getting taken down to hyper form often involves getting beat down, and maybe extra ranged attacks will help tip the scales, but I'm thinking it will only work when monsters are low on health. July SolicitationGeneral Hondo – Empire of the Apes Monster (resin)PIP 51060 MSRP: $28.99*Though he is not their king, General Hondo is the Empire of the Apes’ greatest military leader. Hondo is responsible for the widespread seizure and deployment of human military hardware by ape troops fighting Earth’s potential destroyers. He is also fond of military uniforms and medals. Hondo’s methods suggest a degree of tactical and strategic depth once thought exclusive to Homo sapiens. He enjoys bringing missile-launching platform with him and savors the resulting explosions, another trait shared with his human counterparts.TRADE POINTS: General Hon

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