Ugrabite kolekciju Asmodee Digital igara po najnižoj ceni do sada

Humble Bundle i Asmodee Digital su ponovo udružili snage i lansirali još jedan povoljan paket digitalnih društvenih igara. Ukoliko preferirate da digitalni karton konzumirate u udobnosti svog PC-a, Humble More Board Games Bundle je kao stvoren za vas. U pitanju je kolekcija od 10 društvenih igara koje je […]

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Judgement 3v3: Thrommel, Thorgar, and Saiyin vs Sir Marcus, Zhonyja, and Bastian

This was no draft game between Chad and me. The Bears in the picture are our effigies (I think they're called) and the big rock is the one that gives you the fate.Yeah, obviously Chad is the one running this show. I hardly know the names of things.I told Chad what I wanted to play and he tried to balance a matchup with his full collection. I had Thrommel, Thorgar, and Saiyin, while he went ahead with Sir Marcus, Zhonjya, and Bastian.Gloom popped up and Thorgar killed him, got to level 2 and bought a Vorpal Blade. From there, I moved Saiyin in to support and heal Thorgar, capture the first Soul despite the encroaching presence of Sir Marcus in his defensive posture, and Thrommel went to secure the Shrine for more fate.I was mostly up throughout the game, getting two or three souls and then struggling to bank them securely. Zhonyja and Sir Marcus sent Thorgar back to my effigy, and Thrommel largely went uncontested at the shrine. Juiced up on fate, the team did all kinds of things I couldn't imagine because rea

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