Andy's Musings Episode 1: Legacy Games

Regular readers of this site or listeners to our podcast may have gotten the impression that my imagination is a dangerous and scary place. An accurate, if somewhat understated description. I find myself on many occasions mulling over a whole range of ideas from the size of the plastic baggies we use to store game components through explaining to colleagues why using well-defined business processes is to everyone’s advantage, all the way to convincing my other half why getting an Oculus Rift is clearly a good idea; not just a glorified way of kicking the cats. Read more »

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Top 40 Cooperative Board Games (2019 Edition)

If you're looking for a co-op game to try out with your group, you'll want to take a look at our top 40 cooperative board games of all-time! The post Top 40 Cooperative Board Games (2019 Edition) appeared first on Co-op Board Games.

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Grlom u jagode industrije društvenih igara u 2018. godini

Bavili smo se najupečatljivijim igrama iz 2018. godine i “najbogatijim” Kickstarter kampanjama pa je red da se osvrnemo i na neke od događaja koji su obeležili industriju društvenih igara u prethodnoj godini. Asmodee se tokom godine pozicionirao kao top kompanija društvenih igara u industriji. Njihov jedin konkurent na […]

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