Daily Chronicle: AdeptiCon 2019 Event Schedule Preview

One of the benefits of moving back to the Midwest a few years ago was the ability to drive to AdeptiCon each year, I've been to AdeptiCon in the beginning, a few events in the middle and 2019 will mark 3 years in a row again for me.AdeptiCon is not until March 27th-31st, but every November before, registration for the events opens with as much information they can provide for the event (some other organizers need to take note...WMW).  Well this year is no different and registration will open this Sunday November 19th.  The good people who run AdeptiCon also give us a sneak peek at the list of events at least a week beforehand and this past weekend the site went live with the majority of their events.  You can click HERE for the event preview.The day the preview site goes live is a happy day for most of us as we can start planning our AdetiCon weekend, sometimes there is a little disappointment if the events you want to play in overlap with each.For AdeptiCon 2019, the list of events I was think

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