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Creepy Hollow: The Wrath of the Headless Hessian

This past weekend saw Megz and yours truly at Cold Wars in Lancaster, PA. We ran a 7V/Witching Hour scenario featuring Ichabod Crane and the Headless Hessian, twice, both games were full, and both saw very different results.Setup: Ichabod Crane and Katrina van Tassel are planning to search the Old Dutch Burying Ground for the Hessian's skull, to break the curse and end the haunting of Creepy Hollow. Lady van Tassel (aka The Witch) is going along to secretly thwart their plans. Abraham von Brunt has ridden to Mount Pleasant to raise a portion of the Westchester Militia.The action takes place at night, with no moon. Safe movement is limited to a 6", with an attempted run adding 1d6". Shooting is limited to 12", with a -1 modifier for anything beyond short range.If the Horseman had not been summoned by turn 6, he would automatically appear at the southern end of the road. The militia were timed to enter after the Hessian (roll turn or less on d6, once the Hessian appears).We used the 7th Voyage event deck, with

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Call of Cthulhu Limited Edition Detective

For two years now I’ve entered a turbo-niche Halloween painting competition where entrants have to paint one piece from Citadel Miniatures’ insanely characterful Night Horrors or Gothic Horror ranges – the two 1980s ranges designed to support Games Workshop’s Call of Cthulhu licence.  As last year I painted one half of the classic Citadel LE3 Gumshoe Detectives duo, Bogart, it seemed only right this year to paint his partner – Cagney. Bogart and Cagney: 50% Bogart & Bacall, 50% Cagney & Lacey. Bogart’s moody trenchcoat with upturned collar, one hand in pocket and nonchalant cigarette make him instantly recognisable as a noir detective.  However, Cagney was very much a a man in a plain suit (with a gun).  He could easily be a mistaken for wedding guest (with a gun), a 1970s newsreader (with a gun), or an estate agent (with a gun).  In order to align him with the contest’s theme of REAL ULTIMATE EVIL, I thought I’d plough some effort into the base.  (Actually, an es

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