Grand Alliance

28mm 4Ground Dutch Houses

All's been very quiet painting wise at Cassa Rousell over the summer.I, believe it or not have stacks still to paint, but to be honest just couldn't be arsed. I do think the Painting Challenge does have a part to play here.Anyway, as painting was out of the question I thought I'd get some buildings made up.The 4 buildings are all from 4Grounds World at War series, but I'll be using them for the earlierDonnybrook period.I was quite impressed with them to be honest, they fitted together very well and took roughly 5 hours work to complete each one.This is Dutch House 1You buy it with only 1 floorBut I bought extension's for the buildings.3 Foundry figures for scaleDutch House 2This is my favourite buildingRear viewDutch House 2 as you buy it with just the 1 upper floorDutch House 3 & another Dutch House number 2I did have 1 slight problem, 2 of the packs didn't have enough roof tiles, I called the guys at 4Ground and explained my annoying problem.Three days later, I received a parcel in the post. c

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AHPC9 BLB - NYW Spanish brigade 1692

Back down to 15mm for my next Painting Challenge entry.I've been promising myself that I'd paint a Spanish brigade for my Beneath the Lily Banners rules for a few years now. well 5 years to be exact, where'd that time go??I bought a copy of The Spanish Armies of the League of Augsberg, here, after winning a competition which got the juices flowing.....So here we are!There are 4 units of infantry, 4 artillery pieces, a stand of Grenadiersand 3 commanders. All the figures are from Donnington, which are not my usual goto company for my NYW figures. I bought 98% of this on ebay for  a bargain price.Then had to top up a few bits and bobs. They are a little larger than Essex, but hey hobeggars can't be choosers!A pic from the backTercio Sevilla or old Violet’s (Morados viejos)Maestros de Campo : (1685) D. Thomas de los Cobos y Luna, (1695) D. Francisco Antonio Diaz Pimienta Tercio Cordova or old Green’s (Verdes viejos)Maestros de Campo : (1682) D. Carlos de Eguia, (1691) D. Juan Vasquez de Acuña

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Age of Sigmar Narrative Campaign Battle Report

Prologue. Previously, Moonclan Grot Warlord Merl struck a deal with a local clan of BeastClaw Raiders to help ambush an unsuspecting army of Stormcast who had wandered into the mortal realm of Ghur. The ambush was a success, the main force of the Stormcast was annihilated. Their scouting party returned to camp, saw that it was lost, turned heel and left to plot revenge. While the ambush was successful, my photography was not, so I will not be posting that battle report. This battle report is from week two of a narrative campaign we are running in the Age of Sigmar game system. We are using forces of 1500 pts., where each person picks a Grand Alliance and must stick with that alliance throughout the campaign. They can change lists from week to week and even factions as long as it is still part of the same Alliance. We are using realm rules and Malign Sorcery/Endless spells. The focus is on fun and fluff and not just showing up with unpainted netlists from the latest tournament, in fact a three color minimum pa

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