Painting Contest Developments!

Hey all, I got prizes in from Ehliem Figures and Michael Moore (Thank You very much, guys!), as well as a couple packs of the old Grenadier Twilight: 2000 line up for grabs for this thing. And, they're the Post Apoc "Gaslands" inspired line for Ehliem, which I reviewed in an earlier blogpost, Well, having seen some of the stuff in person? I am impressed. I am still trying to lock down the Game Craft Miniatures gift certificate, but if any other manufacturers see this and want to contribute to the prize pool, it's not too late!Remember These Beauties?So, get your entries in, you only have until this coming Sunday, and then, voting begins on the Facebook page, so don't forget to like the page, so you can vote for your faves! (I will be also posting pics here, and Grimace of the Good Luck, You're on Your Own newsletter will also be posting your entries.)So I forgot to mention what needs to be included with your entries:1. Good pictures. Sadly, we cannot judge your stuff in person, so good pics are going to

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Old Grenadier Goblin Giant

This is an old kit one of my customers had us do. It is from Grenadier Miniatures from way back in the day. An all metal kit, it weighs in at about 4 pounds of lead just for the giant.I had to assemble the giant and the platform separately, painting them, then finish the assembly. The goblins were also left off until the end then painted and attached.Fit was okay, probably helped with my use of JB weld for an adhesive/ filler. The platform didn't line up quite right, so I added some spacers to make it a bit more level.There were several bits and goblins missing from the kit so I added some more modern bits from GW's goblins. This helps tie the model in with the customer's newer stuff.The base is a piece of MDF, Grit and texture were added, along with some cast stones. Everything was sealed, then painted. Finally I added flock, static grasses, and clumps. 

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