Grissel Bloodsong Marshal of the Kriels

Trollbloods Active Duty Roster for Season 9 Champions

The Champions Format limits your warlock pool to a section of your faction, and on top of that, each list you choose to play must be both a different warlock and a different theme force. When you hear people say "Champions format" or "Active Duty Roster" they're talking about the same thing, a format that limits your army building forces.The current troll roster isRagnor Skysplitter (every army that has a battlebox gets access to that warlock or warcaster)Grim AngusKolgrima StonetruthGrissel Marshal of the KrielsBorka Vengeace of the RhimeshawsThe two theme forces areBand of HeroesStorm of the NorthMy conundrum is that I just need to get efficient with my main Kolgrima list in less than a month, and she's already taking up the Storm of the North slot. (fun fact: Storm of the North may be our best theme, and if you're planning on starting with Trollbloods it might just be the way to go), which isn't ideal in this formation.Probably our best Band of Heroes Warlocks are going to be guys like Madrak (any flavor)

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