Rules To Remember Within Blackstone Fortress

If you haven’t caught our review of Warhammer Question: Blackstone Fortress, you may wish to give it a read. The game offers a hefty and impressive number of gameplay mechanics and systems to keep the game fun and engaging. However, one of the issues of these more robust games is that sometimes you can all-too-easily forget some of the rules. In my first few games of Blackstone Fortress, this was certainly the case. Thankfully, I’m here to give you a head-start so that your first few games run as smoothly as your later sessions when you’re more accustomed to the game. In order to get the most of your sessions you want to adhere to each of the rules of Blackstone Fortress. This will provide you with the best experience as intended by the designers. Below are some of the rules I found myself slipping-up on which either made the game noticeably easier or irksomely difficult. With three booklets of rules to flick through, let us help you remember some of the ones that may be more likely to slip

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Test of Courage – Helpful Resources

Here we are again with another helpful page of resources! This time for War Banner/Footsore Miniatures upcoming game Mortal Gods – Test of Courage. You can find further information on their Facebook page, but we’re cramming as much into this Test of Courage resources page as we can! Before looking into the project I can safely say my knowledge of the ancient Greek world was limited to a few films exhibiting sketchy historical accuracy, as well as a handful books. I did a chunk of reading and picked up loads of useful information. So, a bit like the Test of Honour page I did I thought I’d try to compile some stuff and help people out. I’ll try to keep adding new bits to this Test of Courage resources page as I find them or others suggest them. Game Rules FAQ (Link) History Timeline of Ancient Greece (Link) Ancient Greek City States (Link), (Link) Battle of Marathon (Link) Battle of Salamis (Link) The Great Greek Turncoat (Link) Battle of Thermopylae (Link) Thracians and their Kin (Link

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