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Fall IN! Convention 2019? There’s an app for that!

Yes, Virginia, there is a Guidebook for Fall IN! 2019 at the Valley Forge Casino Resort center. Please click on the graphic below to get a copy for yourself. Actually, just click here: Guidebook has been in use by HMGS since 2011 and is our convention on site mobile app. You can download your copy at the URL below the picture. We have an unlimited license this year so help yourselves! Tell your friends! Share it to everybody! Functionally there have been no big changes to Guidebook since HISTORICON 2019 in the way Guidebook works. So in the interests of time, I suggest you look at the Historicon Guidebook post for 2019 if you are curious about Guidebook functionality. For all you stalwart Guidebook veterans, this all old hat, I know. Show Specifics: Please upload as many photos as you like to Guidebook. You can share photos during the show.Please use the SIGN IN function, but remember this doesn’t mean you are registering or getting a show tic

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Guidebook for Historicon 2019 is out

It’s Back! Guidebook has returned for HMGS conventions. Or at least Historicon 2019. Joby has authorized a purchase for Historicon. This is getting out late, for that, I apologize, but there’s plenty of time to get it downloaded to use at the show. Features: The features are pretty much the same since Guidebook’s last major build last year. Since I haven’t posted on this in a long time, here’s the main feature list. NOTE that these pictures are from an Ipad. Your screen layout will be somewhat different on an Android or IPhone. Main screen All the download information is at the bottom of this post. Same deal as usual, go to the Historicon 2019 LANDING PAGE, download the app and install it on your Android, Ipad, Iphone, or use it on your computer’s web screen. The main functions most people are interested in are the Schedule, My Schedule, Maps, and Exhibitor Lists. This is the schedule. It contains ALL events, including Games, Tournaments, Ho

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