Guild Ball: Butcher's

Guild Ball: Butcher's Guild 'Veteran Gutter'

I finally got around to finishing the last model for my Butcher's Guild.  I do have to say that my Butcher's Guild were all completed until this past spring/early summer when they released the models from last years "Union in Chains" campaign.  During the "Union in Chains" campaign, 'Veteran Gutter' was being fought for from the Fisherman's Guild and the Butcher's Guild, and obviously the Butcher's Guild prevailed.Now I actually I have to try her out on the pitch, which I am hoping to do tomorrow night.Veteran GutterVeteran GutterPainting Points: 1

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Guild Ball: Season 4 Butcher's Guild Cards

For the last few days, the media outlet has been releasing sneak peeks of the upcoming Season 4 cards for the Guild Ball Guilds for the release of Season 4 this weekend, and today was the day of the Butcher's Guild release.I have not played Guild Ball for quite awhile now (around AdeptiCon 2018), but I am really looking forward to the new release of Season 4 and playing with my Butcher's Guild.  The Butcher's Guild fits my play style (dealing out damage) and I cannot wait to give them a try this weekend.  I have 12 models completed for my Butcher's and still need to assemble/paint their new recruit in 'Gutter'.  Maybe after this weekend I will get her up on the painting table.Below are all the new Season 4 cards for the Butcher's Guild, now I just have to decide on a roster of 6 to try out this weekend.

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