Guild Ball: Fisherman's

Guild Ball: Fisherman's Guild Reveal 'Knuckles'

It seems like Guild Ball news is too few and far between, but it looks like this week we are getting some updates from Steamforged Games.The Free Cities Draft Rookies are finally being revealed this week and the first one was today for the Fisherman's Guild with 'Knuckles'.  You can read all about 'Knuckles' on the SFG blog HERE, and his stat card is below.

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Guild Ball: Miners and Captains and Boar, Oh My!

WOW! one week for me to receive a package from the UK, and it even had a tracking number that worked all the way till it was delivered.Last week my order for the new Miner's Minor Guild and my new Captains 'Yukai', 'Mourn' and 'Veteran Boar' ('Steeljaw' delayed) were shipped and my package just arrived this afternoon.It was now time for a quick unboxing.Looks like 'Veteran Boar' is going to have to be assembled and quickly painted for AdeptiCon.

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