Played my first real games of Shadespire!

Yes, yes, I've played some games of Shadespire- two teaching/learning games with Rob, and some three player learning/teaching games with BK and Joey, but this past Tuesday I managed to play my first real one on one games of Shadespire, using decks I've built against someone using decks they've built.I built decks for two of my warbands- Steelheart's Champions, and the Chosen Axes.  I played two games with each, all against Joey running his Ironskull’s Boyz warband.For Steelheart's Champions, I wanted to try something different.  All of our games so far (the learning/teaching games), have all followed a similar formula.  Basically everything runs in, charging and battling, and much glory is scored in the slaughter.  The games were brutal, dynamic, quick... and a little luck dependent.Instead, I wanted to try something more controlled.  I was going to take my Champions, spend the first turn moving back, away from the opposing warband, try to score some easy early objectives, like Consec

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