Hafr Stonebridge

Hafr Stonebridge Rules so Far

I finished these rules for my Trollbloods custom project about a week ago and am still tinkering with the concept. The important parts for me would be for him to be a kind of melee tank with a potentially situational damage buff.I haven't moved pass the feat and the ability list because the feedback so far is that they are too powerful as they are.Any thoughts for this would be appreciated.Card was generated using Soul Samurai's Generator.

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Hafr Stonebridge, Background

BackgroundHafr Stonebridge has always been a Troll of the city. He grew up believing that the cities were the only civilized place to live, and as he grew up Hafr leveraged his natural strength and street smarts to become a highly coveted bodyguard and pugilist.His reputation at both fisticuffs and protection began to make actual fighting less inevitable, and as he was hired by more prominent clients his personal style trended away from the leather skins and animal fur hats his kin preferred and toward the long sleeve shirts and waistcoats of society.Thus dressed, Hafr might begin any encounter with no more than a threat or a taunt, and let the offending party go so far as to take the first punch. Should any stain hit his pristine outfits, Hafr would roll up his sleeves and earn his pay.Hafr's life began to change once the lands promised to his people were taken as a political expediency and given to the Llaelese exiles. He took to reading up on both the Runic histories of his blood as well as the written his

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