Happy Holidays

Season's Greetings From 500 Miles! And, a CONTEST!!!

From our friends at Podcast at Ground Zero!Well, a chill is in the air, and Cyber Monday is upon us.  Why, even the rad count is down to "acceptable levels", and the chem sniffer has taken a break from sounding an alarm. And all our happy members are wishing for gaming goodies, full stills, and of course, more ammo. But hey, on a more page related note, I challenge my readers to post here or at the FB page some of their milleu related winter stuff..in fact, let's make this a contest!1st Annual "500 Miles Holiday Painting Contest"Rules: Paint a miniature or group of miniatures (this includes terrain) in either 15, 20 or 28mm scale (sorry 6mm folks, perhaps next time) in a winter setting suitable for Twilight: 2000. Entries can be sent to 500milest2k@gmail.com and will be judged by the members of the 500 Miles Facebook Page. They can be infantry, vehicles, or even a diorama!It must be an original work, and not have submitted for anywhere else, online or offline.Prize: I will put forward two

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