Kamp Kill Team Campaign - Day Three

Wednesday was the third day of our Kamp Kill Team Campaign!If you haven't been following along you can find the first two instalments here:Kamp Kill Team Campaign - Day OneKamp Kill Team Campaign - Day TwoToday followed more or less the same format as the last two days - two rounds of Kill Team games followed by some climbing and some painting. The games are definitely getting shorter.ROUND FIVEIn Round Five we saw siblings battling each other... some siblings get along better than others...Harlequins vs. OrksScenario: Take PrisonersSector Mechanicus - Service HatchesScout Phase - both selected Take Forward Positions - so they had to dice off to see which actually got to make use of it.The Orks got to use the Take Forward Positions strategy.Like most games so far this week, the battle denigrated into a brawl in the middle of the Kill Zone. In the end the Harlequins tabled the Orks in three rounds. They also managed to capture Burny Sandurz and another of his waaagghband for 4 victory points... Stabba got stab

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MORE Kill Team

Sunday a couple of the kids friends came over and we played some more Kill Team!First we spent a lot of time making up Kill Teams for da Boyz. Elderboy brought his Tyranids, Yungerboy brought Heratic Astartes. We rolled up names and everything. This took some time as we only had one copy of the rules between us - a lot longer than I'd expected... Luckily my kids Kill Teams were all ready to go!!GAME ONEFor the first game Elderboy decided he'd like to play Finnegan and his Orks...SCENARIOWe rolled for random scenarios on the table in the campaign section at the back of the book. We rolled Sweep & Clear (page 56). There were basically four objective markers - each worth 3 points for anyone that controlled them at the end of the game. Every enemy taken out was also worth a victory point. HOWEVER, if one team broke, and the other didn't that would also end the game with the team that didn't break being the victor...FORCESThe Red Killaz - Finnegan's Ork Kill TeamGrodnog Ripclaw - Boss Nob - Leader - Power Klaw

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