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Let’s Play! – The Harry Potter Adventure Miniature Game 2E by Knight Models

It’s time for another Let’s Play! Today we check out the Harry Potter Adeventure Miniature Game by Knight models. Play Campaigns, Duels or even CoOperatively with any number of players in this board game with miniatures set in the The Wizarding World.

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GMG REVIEWS – The Harry Potter Miniature Game 2E by Knight Models

It’s time for another GMG Review! Today I break down the Harry Potter Miniature Game: 2nd Edition 2 Player Starter Set by Knight Models. Unpack your favourite characters, equip them with potions, spells and magical artifacts and take to the table against your rivals either Co-Operatively or Head to Head!

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Fantastic Beasts: the Crimes of Grindelwald

The first movie theatre report of the year, as me, Noshi and her brother went to see the latest Wizarding World instalment right before new year.And with the first movie being such great fun, I wondered what this would bring.The movie starts with Grindelwald's escape in America, and he sets chase after Credence, residing now in Paris.  Here he has teamed up with Nagini, yes, the same that would become Voldemorts companion in a few decennia.Newt in the meantime is forbidden to leave London, but as we learn he works for Dumbledore, he travels to Paris after all, joined by Jacob who is looking for Queenie.  Here he traces the trail of Tina and Grindelwald, leading to the Lestrange tomb where Grindelwald wants to show the wizard community why they should rule.  A large fight ensures, costing the lives of some dear friends, but it unveils the big secret of the Lestrange family... and in the aftermath, the true identity of Credence.It's not a feel good movie with a lot of fun beasties like the first

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