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A Druid Lich, a Demonic Monkey, a flying Megazord : it must be Privateer Press Previews

A lot can happen in a week. Or even just a day. I was just done writing about the Butcher4 preview when Privateer Press decided to drop another few leaks.''There was a lot of speculation about this model when he came out. The document reads 30mm base, he looks like he has Iron Kingdoms style Druidic armor, and he looks like he's flying in the pose, but it turns out he's not a Krueger at all.He's a lich.And around his feet isn't just normal dust getting kicked about from takeoff. That's fel flames boosting his rockets.In the background, the origins of Iron Lich Asphyxious are that he was once a Druid who wanted to get the attention of the dragon Toruk, so he jumped into a volcano. ("Notice me senpai!" is one of my favorite lines when explaining this to people). He died and was reborn the Iron Lich.Turns out that 30mm base was a typo, and Chad, our local Circle Player, is not happy at all.Cryx players are though. The Iron Lich models are pretty janky with a metal spear haft that breaks too easily. Not sure if t

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Painting with Rhett Tudor

At Warmachine Weekend, I spent my Saturday painting my Monsterpocalypse buildings, Martian Menace, and Terrasaurs. I pretty much walked into the hobby room, found someone I only kind of knew from Facebook (hi Randy Culp!) and sat all my stuff down at an empty spot at their table.What I hadn't realized was that I had sat myself at the Springfield, IL table, even though the one guy I knew was from Wisconsin. And so I got to meet a bunch of people who play out at Capital City Games, including Rhett Tudor who sat just to my left.So there I was, slopping brown washes onto Monsterpocalypse buildings without a care in the world, while Rhett is there painting the Dreamer's phantoms like this:It's a good thing I didn't look over at his work while he was at it. I might have quit right then and there.I, too, have painted the Dreamer and her phantasms. I can assure you there was nothing realistic about my pumpkin rind nor particularly blended with my Dreamer dress.I spent all day and into the night in the hobby room to b

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My Desk the Night Before a Steamroller

I have to keep my hands busy. So many jokes there, and they're likely all true, but the fact of the matter is that I love this hobby because it constantly has something for me to do. In this case it's building model kits.I'd been putting off building model kits lately because I'd been busy and had covered my desk in other projects. Last night I took everything off my desk and made new neater piles around it on the floor, and gave myself space to tackle the kits that had been building up for the past three months. What changed the past three months you ask? Oh, a little thing called work. Seeing as I'm a teacher, that means my desk wasn't littered with kits to assemble, but papers to grade or lessons to plan. It's not unusual for me to replace the current stack of documents on my desk with a newer stack of documents at any given moment, and I got so behind that I literally buried the kits in progress with essays, quizzes, and notes.So what did I do the night before a tournament? Cleared stuff up and made

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