HD- Infernals

All the Infernals!

It's been a long week, so I'm just going to photodump (i.e. steal and share) all the concept art from the Infernals CID. I have yet to sit down and really look at what they can do, mostly because there was a large hullaboo over one of the theme forces (maybe more on that tomorrow). Future topics include: OMFG Agathon looks amazing and playing him will probably get me killed, Omodamos is Much the Same as Agathon, crab dudes are amazeballs. 

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Previews: Infernals are coming

On this week's Privateer Press Development chat, they went over some of the decisions they made to the Talion Cha.......Who am I kidding?The only part I paid any attention to was the ending where they mentioned that the next two weeks would be about the new army coming out this year, the Infernals.So the idea is next week's dev chat they're going over the new concepts that make Infernals different than anything in Warmachine/Hordes. The words they threw around were "Summoning" and "Essence". So Essence appears to be some sort of resource and summoning appears to be their main deployment mechanic.But we won't know. Not until February 27.Then there is the CID. On March 6 they're going to start the test cycle.If you're interested in any of this at all, I'd watch next week's February 27 development chat (noontime CST) to at least understand what the main mechanics of the faction are.

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Privateer Press Insider Preview for 2019

Yesterday, Matt Wilson of Privateer Press posted an article to Privateer Insider, the self promotional blog on Privateer Press's home page, giving us a preview of what's to come in 2019. And boy it was filled with goodies. Without going on for too long, let's talk about the biggest reveal in the post:That is a comparison shot of a 30mm based model on the left and the first real preview we have of what looks to be a leader model for the Infernals called "Combat Master." If this scale holds up, the Combat Master should sit on a 50mm base. In the render below you can see that it's an Infernal Master, so masters sound like the equivalent of Warcasters or Warlocks in Warmachine and Hordes.In addition, they previewed a warbeast, which looks like a modular-organic Convergence of Cyriss model, and a floating infantry model labeled "Infernal light infantry."I'm excited for this release now as the Masters look like they'll be display worthy pieces, and the weaponry on the Combat Master, at least, looks absolutely bruta

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