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Dhunian Archon CID Week 2

I know there's a lot in the CID aside from the Dhunian Archon, but if you know me you know I don't care. MAYBE I'll look at the Primal Archon a little bit, but I don't have a ton of time to even test/theorize the one for my faction. So let's go over some of the changes.REDUCED COST - This one is kind of an okay, we're going to acknowledge that maybe she's not as effective as we though, but you Trollbloods players won't care because she'll be free. Enjoy! I shouldn't get too excited because the points cost reduction means she'll be more accessible outside of our faction to Circle Players, and the thought of someone with Ravagers using her gives me chills because of the change toTHREADS OF LIFE - They changed the Martyrdom ability to be more like Severius's Vision or Madrak1's Scroll. You straight out cancel one attack per turn. The wording on this means you're probably not using this on your own turn trying to keep Fire Eaters alive (something I was planning on testing with a Hooch Hauler on Thursday

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Primecast Previews: Sylyss, Arkadius, Riot Quest, Well of Orboros

The latest Primecast posted Friday, and I near blew out my cell phone battery listening to it in the car and discussing it in chat with friends afterwards.There was some monpoc discussion. I didn't really track that because I got distracted by the Warmachine stuff:Minicrates.Sexy Sylyss. The official minicrate name is Sexy Sylyss, though I think that they could have easily gone with the name Sylyss Wyshicouldnaylyrr.Then there's the Arkadius minicrate. I couldn't figure out the pun at first, but then I listened to the primecast and heard them refer to her as Bride of Arkadius, and that's when you see the straight back hair that practically begs you to paint a white zigzag line through it.Fun fact: She's holding a pig in her left hand, referencing the pig the crew picked up at Adepticon and adopted into some weird poly gamer family. You'll hear them refer to the pig as Hamilton. I wasn't that excited about Riot Quest as a game before other than more versions of Iron Kingdoms stuff. However, hearing them d

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Painted Lord of Blood and His Special Friend and HIS special friend

Quick! How many Blindwater folks are in this picture?Answer: Depends on how you count them.If you count ALL living individuals, you get 3.If you count ALL POSSIBLE individuals, you get 8.The living ones are, of course, Longshanks, Kwaak, and Gub. The other five possible ones are the three bonepiles, Barnabus, the Gatorman spellslave.I feel like the swamps are a very strange place just outside the Iron Kingdoms. No wonder they're able to keep something like a Dracodile kept from sight.

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