Hellhound Variants

With my three Hellhounds completed and with several requests for this article, it is time to take a look at the Hellhound variants. Never miss an article? Subscribe! The three types of Hellhound are straight out of the scissors, paper and stone handbook. Each one does a specific job well – and not much else. I know there are new and veteran wargamers that browse this forum – but there is only one kit for all three variants. The Hellhound kit makes the Hellhound, Bane Wolf and Devil Dog. We can further augment their decent ability with the Astra Militarum […] The post Hellhound Variants appeared first on Warhammer 40K Blog.

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Painting Hellhounds – Catachan – Completed

My Hellhounds are done! All three, no less! As for painting Hellhounds, this is how it went… I am no pro, but I hope that this process helps or inspires someone else to slap some paint onto their tanks! Never miss an article? Subscribe! Base Camouflage – Painting Hellhounds I already have my Cadia Camo down to a T with the airbrush. I wanted something different for my Catachans to set them apart. I went for Castallen Green, then Loren Forest with XV-88 areas/stripes. My Cadians are Castallen Green and Zandri Dust. The Loren Forest is lighter and the XV-88 is […] The post Painting Hellhounds – Catachan – Completed appeared first on Warhammer 40K Blog.

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Painting Catachan Tanks

I’ve begun my Catachan regiment already! After saying it might be a few months! I saw a couple of Hellhounds on eBay for £20 and one on a Facebook group for £25 and thought I’d make the plunge. Now I have begun, it’s time to look at painting Catachan tanks! Forgeworld also has free shipping on orders over £75 so I grabbed three Cyclops Demolition vehicles too. Never miss an article? Subscribe! So now I have a Catachan Vanguard Detachment and a Spearhead Detachment. HQs could be a Tank Commander at some point in the future or a Commissar or […] The post Painting Catachan Tanks appeared first on Warhammer 40K Blog.

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