Hero Quest

Battle Report – Hero Quest – ‘Legacy of the Orc Warlord’

Ulag’s son Grak is out for revenge! Capturing the Heroes he has locked them in his dungeon. A rat-bone is all the adventurers are armed with as they pick the lock to their cell and attempt to escape!

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Battle Report – Hero Quest – #TBT ‘Melar’s Maze’

  Mentor has a dire mission for the Heroes, enter Melar’s Maze, the labyrinth guarding ancient artifacts left behind by the Wizard to recover his Amulet! Zargon will not make it easy however as he musters the undead to face down the adventurers!

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Fantasy Galore!

Hoi,Another small post today, this time fantasy related.  A while ago I bought an incomplete 1st edition Warhammer Quest box. Inside, as an extra, were these 5 Lizardman (no idea what specific type they are). While at first I had no real clue what to do with them I soon realised they could have a use in a more exotic setting for Hero Quest or Ghost Archipelago. So I decided on the old skool look and put paint to them.Another small fantasy lot with perhaps some use for HQ as well, are these resin Mandragora. I totally forgot which manufacturer is responsible for these mad sculpts but hey why not put use to them?  I am not sure what I will get done for the next post as the workbench is overflowing and time is limited.Cheers Sander

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