40k – White Scars Heroes

Hello! In today’s post I would like to present to you one of my older works. These are the different heroes painted in the colours of the White Scars. As you have probably noticed, some of them contain minor conversions (especially weapons). I hope you will like them! I think that newly published Space Marines codex and White Scars supplement are moving these armies on battle tables again. I keep my fingers crossed! Painting orders – minisforwar@gmail.com or Messenger.

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Boardgames – Zombicide: Black Plague

Hello! Zombicide: The Black Plague is one of my favorite board games. It’s fast, it’s really fun and it lets you have a good time with your friends. We play as a team of heroes whose task is to survive in a zombie-controlled city. Replayability is really big and the expansions only extend the life of this title. I highly recommend additional abominations and Wulfsburg! The game has many great figures, which quite recently came to our our painting team. Below you will find a photo gallery with heroes, basic abomination and necromancer. If you would like to have your models painted – minisforwar@gmail.com or Messenger.

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