High Adventure Role Playing

Director’s Briefing – March 2019

  If you would like to receive the Director’s Briefing straight to your inbox each month, you can sign up to our mailing list HERE.     Welcome   To the ninety-fourth Briefing and third scheduled Briefing of 2019.     Licenses   John Seal has been working hard with future licensees (and I have occasionally pitched in with the odd email.) Expect a new Spanish license for HARP to be formally announced soon.     RMU   Continued strong progress is happening with RMU. Aaron has been cross-referencing talents and flaws and enforcing consistency among all the lists. He has updated all of the creatures to reflect corrections to the talents. More work ongoing there.     HARP Fantasy and HARP SF   Terry is reading his way through HARP Garden of Rain for artwork direction purposes, while Joel Lovell has been reworking the author’s maps for us.   The author of HARP Subterfuge has sent through some minor amendments and corrections – which I will d

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Snuggle Monster for HARP

  To celebrate Valentine’s Day, we have created a new monster and a new spell for you to use in your next HARP adventure. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the Snuggle Monster!     SNUGGLE MONSTER   Name: Snuggle Monster Level: 4 Size: Medium BMR Type: Quadruped : Biped BMR: 31:14   # Enc: 1 Outlook: Aggr. Treasure: NNN   DB 54 Hits 96 Init 17   Stamina 91 Will 46 Magic 62   ATTACKS Hug Attack – Medium Crush 77   BLOOD MAGIC   Heart’s desire PP Cost: 6 Spell Type: Utility Range: 50’ RR: Magic Duration: 1 minute/rank Description: Instantly causes the target to believe that the caster is their true love, the being that they most desire and want to be with. The target will be compelled to approach the caster and attempt to woo them.   Scaling Options: Each additional target +3 Additional 50’ +1 + 1 minute +3   SKILLS Acrobatics (5) 44, Brawling (10) 67, Endurance (5) 36, Jumping (12) 71, Navigation (6) 33, Perception (12) 58, Resistance – Magic (1

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