High Frontier

July's Games

We did get in a few games in July....Friday, 5 July 2019On this first Friday of July our friend Laura came over for the evening and played Terraforming Mars with us. Finnegan even joined in!We played on the Hellas board and... there wasn't a lot of ON BOARD developments - compared to some of our games! I can't believe how few cities there were! Amanda didn't have a single one!I played Helion (Yellow) and just BARELY squeaked out a win in a very, VERY close game!! I took the Diversifier Milestone and the Magnate Prize (which I'd sponsored) and second place in the Space Baron prize with a total of 53 points.Laura was second with 52 points! She had been playing Tharsis Republic (Black) and had taken the Polar Explorer Milestone and was in a three-way tie for second in the Cultivator Prize along with Amanda and Finnegan. Keira had won the prize. In fact, I was the ONLY one who didn't get any points for the Cultivator prize!?Keira (Ecoline - Green) and Amanda (Phololog - Red) were tied for third with 50 points eac

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