Hive Fleet Echidna

A Xenos interlude

Hi all,I’m back again! See, I’m really making an effort with this blogging thing again!Right, last time round I left you with a promise that I would update on the direction of my Xenos armies, and I certainly will. First though, I just wanted to do a quick round-up of the hobby week.Read more »

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Nid list thoughts, input appreciated!

Hi all!So last time out I set out how I'd made a decision (with your help) to go with Tyranids for my next army choice, so this post of course is all about my thoughts on building a list with them. Now I'll qualify all this with a simple statement to start with. I don't have the codex yet. So all of my knowledge comes from a combination of battlescribe, and 1D4chan.I've talked before about how I go about putting an army list together, and I'm following those same broad steps with this army. I should also just say however that thanks to the ease of putting lists together with battlescribe, I've already written several lists etc so some of these thoughts will be going over ground I've already crossed, whilst others are fresh. They are all up for discussion however, and for those of you with experience fighting with/against Tyranids I'm really hoping you'll be able to give me some insight into what I've said/thought.Without further ado then, let's look at how I wrote my list (ps, this is the second version of th

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