Hive Scum

Necromunda Re-Basing Project

Never say "Never!"I have learned this all too well, so many times over.I've never really been overly fond of plastic slotta bases - at least with metal figures. They were too light and I felt they made the over all model top heavy. I also thought they were a bit plinth-like - making scale creeping models even TALLER than older smaller models I had based on... well... other, thinner materials I've used throughout the years.I've absolutely HATED black sides on bases. I especially hated them on plastic bases. Why, when one spent so much time making the top surface of the base so beautiful with a grassy scene or desert with scrub, would you paint the sides of a plastic base BLACK (instead of green or brown - to match the top of the base or your table terrain)!? As most plastic bases are black, it just looked to me like you forgot or couldn't be bothered to paint them. It looked unfinished and lazy. I also found the contrast jarring when looking at them on a finely manicured tabletop - especially in close-up photo

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Necromunda Odds and Ends, Baby 'Thulhu, and RE-Based War or 1812 Militia!?

A few other things rolling off the workbench this week (in addition to the re-based Lion Clan Army for Dragon Rampant)...Four additions to the Necromunda collection. First (going from left to right of the picture) is some Hive Scum - another experiment with Contratst® paints (I think the miniature may have been from Kryomek...?). Next is a Rogue Doc - ostensibly for my Delaque gang (hence the dark trench coat) - y'know, if they ever get out of the negatives for Reputation and can hire a hanger-on. He has hair because she's just a hanger on and not a full gang member... She's got a medical bag slung over her shoulder (which you can't see in this pic). The figures is from Wargames Foundry. Next is an old Citadel Imperial Guard Medic. I thought he could be used as a Rogue Doc as well - did him in Old Necromunda regimental colours - figured he probably joined up, got all the kit and training and then deserted and fled to the under hive. Finally an old Citadel Necromunda Scavvy. the figure originally came with pla

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