hobby exhaustion

Hobby Exhaustion: Causes and Solutions

It might sound like a rather quirky term; hobby exhaustion. It almost sounds a little absurd, I’d go as far to say. However, when you break down some of the ways you can find yourself stepping back from your brushes and miniatures, the symptoms are all too real. Some may call it a “funk” or a “wall”, but I find those terms to be ambiguous and obtuse respectfully. What I’ve found it to be categorically is a metaphorical fatigue. If you have hobby deadlines or fancy yourself a completionist then you’ll probably end up stewing angrily in these states; I know I have. Don’t worry, it can be overcome. The best way to approach this issue is analytically and with a positive outlook. So, let’s get started. Let’s begin by first identifying what hobby exhaustion is and how it becomes manifest. Typically, if you struggle to motivate yourself to sit at your hobby station this can be a clear sign. However, the biggest red flag is where simply thinking about start

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