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Hobby Trays

I recently posted a photo on Twitter and a few people commented about my Hobby Trays. I started using these because the weather is amazing right now in AZ and these trays make it easy to work outside.  I have always had to make many trips back and forth when I decided to work outside.  One day I was searching Amazon for some random reason and saw these food trays.  I quickly noticed how these could make it easier for me to take my project outside.  I can also use the trays if I want to work on the kitchen table without causing damage to the table.  These are sold in a box of 12 for around $16.  These are a hard plastic with a glossy finish.  They are 12 by 9.5 inches which make a good work surface for modeling.  The trays prevent items and tools from rolling off the tray and the compartments help keep things organized.  While using them I found they are great for having multiple projects going on at once.  I am now keeping my projects on these trays even

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