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Why Do We Celebrate Talk Like a Pirate Day and Other Fake Holidays?

Got plans for September 19, 2019? You do now: It's International Talk Like a Pirate Day! So prepare your timbers to be shivered and wait… what? Is this seriously a holiday? What is this all about? And why, exactly, is there a formal holiday for not just pirates but for talking like pirates? You have questions. We have (weird) answers.Talk Like A Pirate

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A Tanker's Tuesday Happy New Year!

Wanted to take a few moments to express my gratitude to everyone that hasstopped by here this past year. I also wish to that everyone has a great new year,full of fun a exciting games. My plans for the forth coming year is to complete myStargrunt/Apocalypse tables for the mega -game this summer....wish me luck!

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