Horgle the Anvil

Dhunian Archon

They spoiled the images of the Dhunian Archon. She will be on a medium base, unlike the other archons, and I'd have to say that I don't like the color choices going on here. The green skin with the orange hair makes her too Orcy for my tastes, so I might stick to my standard troll brown skin, maybe green clothes, or maybe standard blue as my troll scheme goes.I'm trying to find a list to test her in.Right now we're concerned that she doesn't do enough to justify taking up a Minion slot in a list or even taking up a free slot in the Power of Dhunia theme where she's included (and thus, could run 2 of her in).Often you need to use that minion slot to flex some part of your list, like using it to get a Bog Trog Mist Speaker for Guidance, for example.Option 1: Modify what you've gotList 1 : KolgrimaMy standard Kolgrima list minus her shaman buddies. I've played this list a lot and enjoy it immensely. I've been moving away from it because Kolgrima is always in danger of dying, and I think I might need to run

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