Horizon Wars

Over the Horizon – New Rules for Horizon Wars

Recently released and going straight to the top of the bestseller list on Wargame Vault, Over the Horizon is the new companion volume for Horizon Wars. Having picked up Horizon Wars upon it’s release, and [...] The post Over the Horizon – New Rules for Horizon Wars appeared first on Tabletop Games UK.

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Building Heavy Gear models

I picked up some Heavy Gear plastic models this week. The models are intended to be use for a second Horizon Wars army to fight against the Dystopian Wars minis I originally painted up for the project. They are decent enough plastic models but the assembly is a bit of a PITA. If you are intending to play Heavy Gear then the multiple parts for each vehicle is great since it allows you to build a wide variety of different vehicle variants. If that isn’t what you need though it is a bit of a fussy situation since many of the parts are small and it isn’t always clear where they go or how they are attached. I was relieved when I found a PDF assembly document but it is almost entirely without any actual instructions. And to make matters worse it often has 3D diagrams of the assembled figure without actually showing you the one part you need to see in detail. So in this instance I wanted to see how and where the gun was attached but no joy. If you aren’t too annoyed by bad instructions these are a

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